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Twyford Siron Basin Monobloc

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Bathroom brassware is available in many different styles. Twyford bathrooms have a great choice of bathroom brassware covering all the major styles and designs. The collection includes the very latest in modern design trands and will create a focal point for any new bathroom project.

The type of the basin taps that you choose will be determined by the tap-hole configuration of basin that you choose. A one tap hole basin will require a monobloc basin mixer and a two tap hole basin will need a pair of basin taps. When choosing bath taps you may want to think about the following: most baths in the UK are drilled with two tap holes, and the size and position of the tap holes is determined by British Standards, as a result Twyford bath taps will fit all standard UK baths. Bath taps are available as bath fillers, bath shower mixers and pairs of bath taps.


Twyford Signature Bath Shower Mixer
Twyford Siron Bath Filler 2 Tap Hole
Twyford Siron High Rise Basin Monobloc
Twyford Siron Side Lever Basin Monobloc
Twyford Siron Side Lever Flat Basin Monobloc